Virgin Media Big Bundles

Virgin Media Big Bundles offer the groundbreaking TiVo service, along with fast, reliable fibre-optic broadband and home phone. Each Big Bundle offers great value for money, and there are special offers for new and existing customers.

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Virgin Media Big Bundles

What are Virgin Media Big Bundles?

Big Bundles offer different services from Virgin Media as one package, with special offers giving even better value. With the TiVo cable TV service, superfast fibre-optic broadband and home phone, Virgin Media customers get a range of top quality services at a competitive price, along with the added convenience of dealing with just one reliable, innovative and customer-focused provider.

Virgin Media and TiVo

In a joint venture with set-top box developer TiVo, Virgin Media has brought the next generation of DVRs to the UK. With the choice of either 500GB or 1TB boxes, viewers can record hundreds or hours worth of TV, and record different shows at the same time.

The box also allows you to give a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to specific shows, and make further recommendations based on your favourite kinds of programmes. The search and browse function makes it easy to find out what’s on, and the TV choice with Virgin Media includes a wide range of channels, with many of Sky’s most popular shows available with selected packages.

Fibre-optic broadband

Virgin Media offers a renowned broadband service, and is recognised as having played a major part in pushing internet speeds and broadband technology in the UK. The packages on offer promote genuinely expected download speeds, with fast broadband available even during peak times.

Home phone

To accompany the broadband and TV service, Virgin media also offers a home phone service and landline. Customers can take comprehensive or basic calls packages, with a competitive price for the Virgin Media landline.

Virgin Media deals

There are various combinations, offers and deals available, and if you only want to take broadband and phone, or TV by itself, then these options are available to you. Virgin Media has become the first provider in the UK to offer quadruple play services – TV, broadband, home phone and mobile. Each service has its benefits, and Virgin Media is always looking at ways to provide new and existing customers with special offers, as well as improved value for money.