SIM Only on Virgin Media

With a Virgin Media SIM Only deal you get great value without the added cost of paying off a new phone. Choose between Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly deals, with different Virgin Media tariffs available.

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SIM Only on Virgin Media

What is Virgin Media SIM Only?

A Virgin Media SIM Only deal is just a SIM card without a new phone included, which means it works out much cheaper for you. With a standard monthly deal you would be paying for a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data whilst covering the the cost of the new handset, whilst with a Pay As You Go deal, you buy a new phone outright. SIM Only skips the new phone altogether.

You can choose a Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly deal for SIM Only, and there are different tariffs available as well.

SIM Only Pay Monthly

SIM Only Pay Monthly deals from Virgin Media offer inclusive calls, texts and data, value for money and low commitment. You get the benefit of a contract deal, but with a 30-day rolling contract you only ever need to give 30 days’ notice, so you are not agreeing to any kind of long-term deal, and without any new phone to pay off in tandem you actually get a cheaper monthly cost.

SIM Only Pay As You Go

A SIM Only Pay As You Go deal means you only pay for what you use, and you can keep your old phone. With the Addict tariff you can get extra allowances just for topping up, giving you better value from your deal.

SIM Only Phones

With SIM Only there is no phone included with the deal, so this brings down your cost whilst still giving you the benefits of either Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly. You can keep your old phone, or one given to you as a present, but make sure it is unlocked so that it can be used with Virgin Media.

Switching to SIM Only

You must make sure you are free to leave any current contract or deal you have with another provider before you switch to Virgin Media. As long as you can move on without a fee or early leaving charge, then switching should be simple. Once again, make sure your phone is unlocked, and if you want to keep an old number then you will need the PAC, or Port Authorisation Code, from your old provider.