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ZTE on Virgin Media

ZTE is a Chinese developer and manufacturer of telecoms hardware and software, as well as a renowned provider of services within the industry. Mobile phones form a key part of ZTE’s business, and this manufacturer has seen plenty of success with a white label strategy, which sees it produce phones for other companies, which then sell them with self-branding. It is common for networks to use white-label manufacturers in order to sell phones under their own name.

However, ZTE has begun to move away from this and start releasing phones under its own name in the UK, and Virgin Media often stocks some of the new releases or popular recent handsets.

ZTE contract

You can get a ZTE phone on Pay Monthly with Virgin Media, and get plenty of calls, texts and data each month with your contract. The handset can be free, or offered at a significantly reduced cost, as part of the deal, adding great value to the whole offer. The phone is essentially paid off over time as you pay monthly for the contract, and the affordable cost makes it an attractive prospect for customers looking for a good phone without any major upfront charge.

ZTE Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go is a popular alternative to Pay Monthly, and there is no commitment to a monthly contract or set allowance for calls, texts and data. The phone is bought outright, and as ZTE is a less prominent brand, the cost can be somewhat lower than other leading handsets. Virgin Media also has some good tariffs to give you better value from Pay As You Go, and you simply top-up when you need more credit.

ZTE features

ZTE, as with other manufacturers, has released phones with varying capability and features. ZTE has certainly embraced touchscreen technology, and the displays tend to be satisfyingly responsive. There are apps, games and useful tools which add to the quality of ZTE phones, and help to provide a cheaper, but still usable and well-designed, alternative to the major top-range and mid-level releases.

ZTE deals

Virgin Media offers deals for various new and popular handsets from manufacturers in the UK, and if you’re interested in a ZTE phone then you can search for the latest Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go offers available directly with Virgin Media.