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Sony on Virgin Media

Sony Ericsson was one of the leading mobile manufacturers when the commercial market saw its original boom, and was instrumental in helping technology advance as handset popularity and demand increased.

Since smartphones have grown into dominance, relegating the old-style alpha-numeric handset to entry-level status, all manufacturers have had to move with the times, and Sony is no different. As part of plans to move forward, Sony parted with Ericsson and future handsets are branded as such. It marks a new era for Sony as a mobile manufacturer, and Virgin Media offers customers some of its latest releases.

Sony contract

With a Virgin Media contract deal you can get your Sony handset free or at a reduced cost, along with a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data. This way you avoid the hefty upfront cost of a smartphone, and even though you are committed to a long-term deal, the benefits provide great value at an affordable monthly cost. Pay Monthly is a great way to enjoy the features of a high quality smartphone, without having to break the bank, and with Virgin Media’s range of tariffs you should be able to find something which suits your needs.

Sony Pay As You Go

A Pay As You Go deal lets you top-up when you need to, so you only spend what you use and don’t have to worry about going over any pre-set limits or allowances. You pay for your Sony handset upfront, so it is your outright from start and you can just get more credit at your convenience. There is plenty of freedom with Pay As You Go, and Virgin Media has tariffs which will help you get more from your deal.

Sony features

Sony’s smartphones provide an affordable, yet impressive, to the top-range handsets available, and you can expect to get a lot out of your phone in terms of features and capability. Whilst each model varies, Sony has impressed with its touchscreens and processor speeds, and future releases should continue to show innovative improvements.

Sony deals

Virgin Media aims to provide a mix of popular phones and new releases, and with Sony you should be able to find some good deals for both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. If you have a particular handset from Sony in mind, or just want to see what this manufacturer has to offer, then you can search with Virgin Media and check out the current available offers.