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Stunning designs and smart features have made Samsung smartphones among the leading and most popular choices. Enjoy reliable build, fluid web access, vivid display and smooth user interface.



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Samsung on Virgin Media

Samsung has become one of the most important, innovative and influential smartphone manufacturers in the world, producing high performance handsets which raise the bar and offer an inimitable mix of style, speed and optimum functionality. Smartphone users have really taken to Samsung since phones have advanced and become far more than just a communicative tool, and there is no sign that Samsung will let up in its pursuit of mobile phone dominance.

Virgin Media offers a range of Samsung smartphones, and there are plenty to suit different budgets, needs and tastes.

Samsung contract

A contract deal is a good way to get your Samsung smartphone cheaper, since the handset’s upfront cost is either waived or reduced significantly. Samsung produces some of the best smartphones available, and often the upfront cost is just too high, but with Pay Monthly you are agreeing to a long-term deal, and you get the added benefit of generous monthly allowances for calls, texts and data. Virgin Media has various tariffs available for Pay Monthly, and they offer great value along with the saving you make on the Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Pay As You Go

If you are interested in paying for a Samsung smartphone upfront, and then just topping up whenever you need credit, then Pay As You Go could be for you. This gives you freedom since there is no long-term contract, and you’ll own the phone outright from the start. If you are concerned about cost, Samsung produces top-range and mid-level phones, so there are some handsets which are more affordable whilst still maintaining the manufacturer’s reputation for producing quality.

Samsung features

Samsung’s smartphones are powered by Android, which has become the leading OS in the industry. This operating system offers fluid, fast usability, and each new version shows marked improvements.

With Android phones, you get access to thousands of useful and entertaining apps through the Google Play store, and Samsung is also renowned for producing excellent, crisp displays, making games and videos brighter, better and more enjoyable. Samsung packs its phones with features and extras, so you get plenty of value for money.

Samsung deals

Virgin Media often promotes deals and offers with Samsung handsets, and if you’re a Virgin Media customer then there may be other money-saving incentives as well. Whether you’re interested in Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly, a Samsung smartphone and Virgin Mobile deal is going to give you great value with a handset that’s reliable, quick and stylish.