Pay As You Go on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a wide range of phones as part of a Pay As You Go deal, and you can see all the latest deals at Virgin Mobile Shop. Pay for the handset outright, then just top up when you need to and enjoy Virgin Mobile customer rewards.




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Pay As You Go on Virgin Mobile

A Pay As You Go deal gives you the freedom of a non-contract set-up, so you aren’t committing to a fixed monthly payment and you only top-up when you need to do so. It is great for keeping a close eye on your spending; you only have so much credit and when that runs out you know you need to add more.

Even though there is no commitment, Virgin Mobile still offers incentives and deals for Pay As You Go customers, and some appealing tariffs which provide great value. If you have Virgin Media TV, broadband and phone then there are deals geared towards saving you even more as a loyal customer.

Pay As You Go also lets you buy the handset outright, so you there's no need to cover the cost over a long-term period. The phone is yours, and your only cost going forward is the amount you choose to top-up.

Pay As You Go tariffs

Virgin Mobile customers can take advantage of the Addict tariff which triggers an allowance of calls and texts, with good value rates for mobile web as well as UK landlines and networks.

If you already have Virgin Media TV, broadband and phone services then you can get the benefit of the Addict Extra tariff which adds to the allowances, giving even more value.

Whilst mobile operators often change their tariffs and price plans, Virgin Mobile aims to keep to a competitive standard offering genuine value for money with its Pay As You Go deals, as well as Pay Monthly and SIM Only.

If you’re choosing BlackBerry on pay As You Go, you can take a Virgin Mobile Pass which will get you the BlackBerry benefits, such as BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry email, for a set period of time.

Pay As You Go phones

Virgin Mobile has a selection of phones available as part of the Pay As You Go deals. These may not be the same as the ones available with Pay Monthly, but there is a wide range of handsets including some of the latest high profile releases, along with more mid-range and entry level alternatives. It all depends on what you want to get from your phone, and you also need to consider that with Pay As You Go you are paying for the handset outright.

The range can change regularly, as new handsets are released all the time whilst older, lower-cost handsets can halt production, but there should be something to suit your needs.

Pay As You Go bundles

A popular way to get more value from your Pay As You Go deal with Virgin Mobile is to choose a talk, text or data bundle. These give you set allowances for a specific top-up, and all you have to do is text the appropriate code for your chosen bundle, and it will get added to your phone.

You can change your bundle each month, and since it’s Pay As You Go there is still no long-term commitment or fixed, ongoing monthly payment. The bundles are simply an effective way of getting good value for money with your top-up.