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Nokia smartphones are great for social media, and come packed with added extras so you can get more from your mobile. The wide range of models includes some sleek designs and innovative features.



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Nokia on Virgin Media

As the mobile phone industry boomed, Nokia was easily one of the most prominent and important manufacturers in the world, helping to shape the technology and make the initial advances in design and features. Whilst the smartphone industry has seen new frontrunners, Nokia remains a key figure and is producing mobile phones which possess the quality and potential to stand out in a heavily crowded market.

Virgin Media offers customers a variety of Nokia’s new and popular handsets, including phones which boast top-range features, along with more mid- and lower-level models that offer something more simple and basic.

Nokia contract

The Pay Monthly deals for Nokia phones are likely to include the newer releases, and with contract you are often able to get your phone free, or at a reduced cost. Virgin Media offers different contract tariffs, so you should be able to find a tarfiff that suits your needs for calls, texts and data. You are committed to a long-term contract with this, but the monthly allowances reflect this and give you great value.

Nokia Pay As You Go

A Pay As You Go deal offers plenty of freedom, with no long-term commitment and upfront purchase of the handset. These deals mean you can buy your Nokia phone outright, and then just top-up with Virgin Media whenever you need to more credit. There are tariffs available with Virgin Media that are aimed at Pay As You Go customers, offering a month’s allowances for a certain value of top-up. You will not owe anything or have a set monthly fee because there is no contract, you just pay for what you use.

Nokia features

Nokia still offers handsets sporting the classic 12 alpha-numeric hard-key design, and this is preferred by a lot of customers; it is simple, effective and does the job. These phones are very low-cost, so cheap to buy outright or take on as a contract. However, Nokia has also ventured into the smartphone market, producing higher quality handsets boasting crisp touchscreen and extra features, as well as access to the Nokia Store for apps.

Nokia deals

If you’re interested in a Nokia handset, on Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly, there are different deals available through Virgin Media, with value for money offers, competitive tariffs and customer rewards.