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HTC smartphones combine impressive design with a range of features, and each model boasts something different. Browse web, play music, download and get plenty of extra features.



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HTC on Virgin Media

HTC has emerged as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, releasing top quality handsets that are able to rival the likes of Apple and Samsung. Powered by the popular Android operating system, with HTC’s own Sense interface, the phones offer responsiveness, style and plenty of features to keep you entertained.

Virgin Media offers HTC handsets, and you can often find both contract and Pay As You Go deals available. The One series has proven particularly popular thanks to the variety and style offered by each model.

HTC contract

Pay monthly deals with HTC and Virgin Media give you calls, texts and data for a monthly fee, and you can usually get your HTC handset at a reduced cost or free of charge. It is a good way to save money on top quality, high performance smartphones, and you know you have generous allowances to keep you going throughout each month. The pay monthly deals are usually long-term, but the monthly allowances make them great value.

HTC Pay As You Go

With HTC on Virgin Media Pay As You Go you don’t have a long-term contract, and your HTC handset is bought outright upfront. This means you will own the HTC from the start, and any time you want to top-up there are great value Pay As You Go tariffs available exclusively through Virgin Media.

HTC features

HTC smartphones usually sport a touchscreen, but can vary in terms of features, speed and capability. HTC uses Android for its operating system of choice, and this OS has become the most popular and widely used in the smartphone market. In tandem with this, HTC customers will usually find that a version of HTC Sense operates as the phone’s interface; this distinctive, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing feature further improves the overall functionality.

HTC deals

Whether you have a certain HTC in mind, or just like the sound of the handsets, you can search for various contract and Pay As You Go deals on Virgin Media. Each deal offers its own benefits, and you can read our expert review and benefit summary to get a better idea of each individual handset.