BlackBerry on Virgin Media

Blackberry offers a smart, classy selection of handsets, with the popular Blackberry Messenger service, and users can enjoy a range of great apps with Blackberry App World.



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BlackBerry on Virgin Media

BlackBerry is one of the many smartphone manufacturers with handsets available through Virgin Media. BlackBerry has become synonymous with business usage, but still has appeal at a commercial level. More often than not, a BlackBerry will sport a QWERTY hard-key pad, which makes it instantly recognisable and a draw for the those less enamoured with touchscreen technology.

There are a range of BlackBerry handsets, with new releases entering the market regularly, and you can often find some good deals with both contract and Pay As You Go.

BlackBerry contract

With a BlackBerry contract on Virgin Media, you can get a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data, along with a minimum term. Contracts do require a level of commitment, but you are rewarded, and you can also avoid the full upfront cost of the handset. In many cases the BlackBerry could be free, with the cost accounted for by the monthly payments.

BlackBerry Pay As You Go

Virgin Media customers with BlackBerry Pay As You Go don’t have a long-term contract, so it’s low-commitment, and with the Weekly or Monthly Pass from Virgin Media you can enjoy the benefits such as BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry email.

Whenever you need more credit you can top-up, and you have no fixed monthly payment. The handset is bought outright, so you aren’t paying that off over time either.

BlackBerry features

The QWERTY hard-keys are a common feature for BlackBerry handsets, appearing on almost every release, and many still prefer the responsiveness and reliable feel that comes with this design. Some handsets also incorporate a touchscreen as well, although it is smaller than most others in order to allow for the physical keypad.

BlackBerry has gained many of its fans as a result of its impressive messaging features, including BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry email. These features are very user-focused, operating with fluidity and ease, rivalling other available alternatives.

BlackBerry deals

If you’re looking for a BlackBerry deal, there are a few different options with Virgin Media. The handsets, and deals available are subject to change, but there should be a some BlackBerry-based contract and Pay As You Go offers available.