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Mobile Phones on Virgin Media

Pay Monthly with Virgin Media

A Pay Monthly deal is a contract which offers set calls, texts and mobile internet with a handset of your choice. You usually pay a smaller upfront fee for the phone because you are committing to a long-term deal, and sometimes the phone can even come free of charge. The phone is essentially paid off throughout the course of the contract through the fixed monthly cost, but it offers great value thanks to the generous allowances.

You should find that a range of phones are available with a Pay Monthly deal, and there are also different tariffs available so you can find something that suits your habits.

Pay Monthly tariffs

Virgin Media has designed different tariffs to suit different needs, so if you just want a modest allowance of calls, texts and mobile internet then there is a cheaper option available, whilst those looking for something more comprehensive can choose the top tier, and there are other tariffs in between as well. Work out what you need, and then you should be able to find a Virgin Media tariff that suits you.

If you make a lot of calls, send hundreds of texts and like to browse the web from your phone then you will almost certainly need something with higher allowances, because if you go over your set limits then it can end up costing more. Choosing the cheaper option may seem appealing, but you will get better value from something that genuinely fits your mobile phone usage.

Spotify on a Virgin Media Mobile

On selected Pay Monthly phones, Virgin Media offers free Spotify Premium for three months to customers who already have Virgin Media TV, broadband and home phone. Once your three months have finished, you can decide whether you want to take it up or not, and there are often other offers available, no matter whether you have other Virgin Media services or not.

Spotify offers access to millions of tunes, with thousands added every day, and you can access whenever you want. Since it’s the Premium service, there are no adverts interrupting between songs, and you get the added benefit of impressive, high quality sound.

Virgin Media - Mobile contract phones

There is a wide selection of phones available as part of a Pay Monthly deal with Virgin Media. Many of the top manufacturers have phones which are sold via Virgin Media, including the latest releases, and you can also find entry level budget phones if you want something cheap and cheerful. You should find that a contract deal brings down the cost of the phone upfront, and sometimes the upfront fee is waived altogether, so it is a god way to get a newer, top-range phone without the eye-popping phones cost.