Virgin Mobile users save £1.2 million in calls

By Duncan James on 28/05/14

According to mobile phone operator Virgin Mobile, customers using their VoIP app have saving £1.2 million in the last six months. 

Customers using the app have made around 670,000 calls, totalling to 3 million minutes, which comes to a saving of over million pounds. 

The SmartCall app was launched in October 2013, which is available globally to Virgin Mobile customers who also have a fixed-line from Virgin Media. 

According to research, the average phone call made using the app lasts four and half minutes, around 80% longer than a standard mobile call.

iPhone users have particularly taken to the service, with 45% of calls being made from these devices, with 37% of Samsung users also taking advantage of it. 

According to Virgin, SmartCall users are also making one in 10 phone calls using the VoIP technology. 

In 2013, Virgin Mobile had 1.25 million prepay customers using their mobile service. 

Source: Mobile News

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