Suffolk & Essex campaigning for better mobile coverage

By Steven Hawthorn on 03/10/13

Two South East counties are campaigning to receive better mobile signal in their area.

The local newspaper, East Anglian Daily Times, has started a campaign called Let’s Get Connected, in a bid to improve signal in poor coverage areas.

Businesses and thousands of local people are struggling to receive sufficient mobile signal, causing issues when it comes to opportunities and even emergencies.

Jill Stevens, from Laxfield was involved in a collision, along Halesworth Road but was unable to get any signal.

She said: “I was trying to contact my husband and my brother to come and help and various people were trying to ring but they couldn’t.

“They were walking up and down the road and couldn’t get a signal. When it’s something like that you want a quick response.”

In a recent questionnaire, 91% from Felsham and 95% from Gedding said they are experiencing reception difficulties.

A businessman from Sudbourne also has difficulties saying: “We are trying to run a business and find the complete lack of signal very, very annoying.”

The campaign has received support from the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, where some members have also voiced their opinion.

One of the members said: “My father is a farmer and relies not only on his mobile phone for business purposes, as he is obviously out and about all the time and not near a landline for 80% of the day, but also for his safety.

Source: Ipswich Star

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