Samsung unveils Galaxy S5

By Steven Hawthorn on 27/02/14

Samsung Galaxy S5The traditional reveal of a major manufacturer’s latest swanky smartphone has continued at this year’s Mobile World Congress, as Samsung gave us our first glimpse of the Galaxy S5.

The new flagship from South Korea’s mobile behemoth has a range of insane new features, and whilst it may not look too different from the S4 at first glance, it is a totally different animal.

It has, essentially, picked some exceptional features from competitors , and made a pick and mix of smartphone goodness, wrapped in a Samsung sheet of gloss.

The 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display is stunning; the visual clarity looks vivid, crisp and a real treat for the eyes. There is an innovative dimming system which uses the surrounding lighting conditions to adjust brightness accordingly, and it looks like a truly flawless effort in this area.

The camera is genuinely revolutionary, in that it features something dubbed ‘phase-detect’ autofocus, which allows focus in 0.3 seconds. That is not a typo. It also happens to be 16-megapixels, which is an improvement on its predecessor.

The user interface certainly seems more polished, with an icon set overhaul, and with the S4 certainly packing enough speed, it is clear that Samsung was prepared to focus on other areas instead, and rightly so.

A dominant aspect of the phone is its fitness features, with a built-in heart monitor, pedometer and fitness-centric apps.

The phone also offers fingerprint recognition, but this won’t seem like anything new to those with an iPhone 5S, and those same users will probably tell you they very rarely use the function.

A range of colours will be available, and it is set for release in April.

We are looking forward to getting our hands on one so we can study it thoroughly, and possibly eat it in order to absorb its natural exuberance.

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