Samsung accuses Apple of FaceTime infringement

By Steven Hawthorn on 22/04/14

FaceTimeKorean manufacturer Samsung has claimed that Apple’s FaceTime feature infringes their services, which they say they own.

The manufacturer, who created the Galaxy smartphone series, is asking for £3.6 million from Apple for alleged infringement.

A trial has been held for four weeks over the allegations, with Apple also asking £1.1 billion from Samsung over claims that they infringed some of their copyrighted patents.

The technology in question allows people to make phone calls and link up their cameras to see each other’s faces during a conversation.

In 1994, Samsung was awarded with the patent and was considered revolutionary at the time. However, Apple’s lawyers suggested that the technology described in the patent is now obsolete.

This isn’t the first time both manufacturers have been together in a court room. One of the latest smartphone patent wars involved the ‘slide to unlock’ feature, which is available on both Samsung and Apple devices.

Overall, both companies have listed 10 or more patents, accusing one or the other of technology infringement.

In 2012, Apple was awarded £593 million in damages from Samsung, in a previous case, but then the figure was reduced to £475 million.

Both Apple and Samsung have dominated the smartphone market, boasting a range of revolutionary devices throughout the years.

Samsung was established in 1969, with Apple forming seven years later.

Source: Telegraph

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