Record profits for Samsung after Galaxy S3 launch

By Steven Hawthorn on 05/10/12

Samsung records record profitsSamsung has announced a whopping jump in profits, as the third quarter saw an 83% increase against the same period last year.

The figures, reported by Reuters, show that Samsung’s operating profit for the three months ending in September 2012 is 8.10 trillion won, which equates to £4.5 billion. This has exceeded predictions.

Samsung is expecting profit for the year to reach the equivalent of £15.4 billion, which should come in handy seeing as Apple is attempting to sue the manufacturer in multiple countries across the globe.

The rocketing, eye-boggling numbers are, in large part, attributed to the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The new flagship phone has impressed critics and audiences alike, despite being faced with the pressure of succeeding the phenomenally successful Galaxy S2.

The Galaxy S3, clocked up 20 million sales in a little over 3 months, and the Galaxy Note tablet-smartphone hybrid, which looked like an enlarged SII, also saw very positive sales.

Despite a ruling that Samsung must pay £1 billion to bitter rivals Apple (and that is just one lawsuit in one country), the South Korean mobile behemoth is launching an appeal and safely ensuring that there will be plenty in the bank, no matter the outcome.

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