Japan sides with Samsung over Apple

By Steven Hawthorn on 31/08/12

Samsung v AppleA Japanese court has ruled that Samsung did not violate Apple patents, after a US court had previously ruled the other way.

Samsung and Apple are involved in a long-running legal feud, with the latter claiming breach of multiple design and software patents, and a US court sided with the makers of popular devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

As a result, Samsung has to pay Apple $1.05 billion and it is possible that some handsets may have to be removed from US shops.

Whilst Samsung is dealing with this, the legal action is moving to other countries, and Japan has chosen to contradict the US decision, and rule in favour of Samsung. Samsung spoke of their satisfaction with the ruling, commenting : “We will continue to offer highly innovative products to consumers, and continue our contributions toward the mobile industry's development.”

The high profile, global court battle continues, and Apple is currently looking to have 8 Samsung handsets banned from sale in the US, but there was no request to ban any handsets in Japan.

Source: Telegraph

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