Virgin Media FAQs

Which phones are available on Virgin Media?

There is a range of different phones available with Virgin Media, including some of the latest releases and popular phones from major manufacturers. You can also find a selection of lower-cost and mid-range phones, so there is plenty to suit different tastes, budgets and requirements.

What is Virgin Media’s coverage like in my area?

Virgin Mobile offers impressive coverage throughout most of the UK, but to get a better idea of your local area you can use our Coverage Checker tool.

What have Orange and T-Mobile got to do with Virgin Media?

Virgin Media does not operate its own network; instead, it utilises other networks as part of an agreement with Everything Everywhere. This company operates both Orange UK and T-Mobile networks, which is why those two networks can be shared between their respective customers for mutual benefit. Virgin Media uses those two networks for its customers’ coverage, meaning that the network available is extensive.

What are the Virgin Media tariffs?

There are various tariffs available to Pay Monthly customers, all designed to reflect different users and their habits. The tariffs offer good value, with inclusive calls, texts and data, and the different tiers mean plenty of choice.

Pay As You customers also have tariffs and bundles available to them. Further details of both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tarrifs can be found on our Virgin Media tariffs page.

What are Virgin Media customer rewards and incentives?

Virgin Media has customer reward schemes which are designed to give more value to customers. These can change over time, but include popular initiatives such as extra calls and texts for introducing friends and money towards a new handset when you top-up.

There are also incentives such as a Spotify free trial, which is available on selected phones for Virgin Media customers with Virgin Media TV, broadband and home phone.

How long is the Spotify trial?

The Spotify trial is usually three months, unless otherwise specified, and after that you can decide if whether you want to keep the popular music service.

Can I get mobile broadband with Virgin Media?

Yes, Virgin Media offers a dongle, or USB, which comes with a preloaded monthly allowance for using broadband. You plug it in, download the software and begin browsing.

There are different options available, so you can choose something which will work with your expected mobile broadband usage. Dongles are neat , discreet and compact which make them ideal for broadband on the go.

Can I keep my old number if I switch?

You should be able to, as long as you get the PAC, or Port Authorisation Code, from your original provider. You can read more about moving provider on our Switching page.

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