Virgin Media Data

You will often see data, or data download, included as part of a deal with any mobile phone network provider. This relates to the amount of web browsing you can do on your phone.

Web browsing

When you browse the web you are essentially downloading every time you load a page, play a song online, stream a film or bring up an email. Each page contains data, and you download that in order to view it on your handset, or laptop, or tablet computer.

Data allowances

Your data allowance gives you a set amount of web browsing you can do, although you can often go over this at an extra fixed rate. It is usually best to keep within the data allowance, so you avoid extra charges.
The allowance is usually measure in megabytes or gigabytes, shortened to MB or GB respectively. If you are going to use the web a lot on your mobile you should probably consider a deal where mobile data is measured in GB!

Virgin Mobile 3G

3G is a standard of connectivity which enables fats web browsing on the go. Your phone should be able to connect to both Wi-Fi and 3G; with Wi-Fi you are using an established connection in your home or at a café, but with 3G you can access from various different locations at any time. Once you are using the 3G network, you also start using up your data download allowance.

Pay Monthly data

Pay Monthly contracts usually have a set amount of data included per month, often somewhere between 250MB and 1GB. It’s up to you which one you go for, but be honest with your usage because if you go over the limit then it can cost more.

If you want to save money by going for something with less data, you could end up paying more by breaching your allowance.

Pay As You Go data

With Pay As You Go, you can only use up to the value of your top-up, so this is an advantage over Pay Monthly, but the allowances work differently. If you top-up a certain a certain amount then you can get some data included, but with Pay Monthly you do get better value.

SIM Only data

SIM Only deals do not include a new phone, so they work out cheaper, and with Pay Monthly SIM Only you can get good value for money with a tariff that has plenty of data.

Data deals

Virgin Mobile has a range of deals and offers available, and some are very comprehensive with a large amount of data included each month. Browse the different deals to see which one suits your monthly mobile usage, and remember that if you do not want a contracted deal then there are some good options for Pay As You Go as well.

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