Virgin Mobile Tariffs

Virgin Media has tariffs which are designed to reflect different users’ habits, so you should be able to find something that works well with your daily or monthly calls, texting and mobile web browsing. There are tariffs for Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go, as well as SIM Only plans which do not include a new phone.

Each tariff has its benefits, and it’s worth considering what you’re looking for from your actual phone as well. Some models are only available with particular tariffs, but there should still be plenty of choice, and with Virgin Media customer rewards you can get more value from your deal.

Pay Monthly tariffs

Virgin Media Pay Monthly customers can choose from different tiers for their contract, with each one varying in terms of calls, texts and data.

The Starter tariff offers 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data, whilst the Essential tariff offers more with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB for mobile browsing.

The next tier is the Premiere tariff, with 2500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data, and finally the Premiere 08 tariff offers the same, as well as 500 minutes to 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0808 numbers.

Comprehensive tariffs cost more, but if you’re a Virgin Media customer taking TV, broadband and calls then you get money off any tariff, and Spotify free for three months on selected phones.

Pay As You Go tariffs

Virgin Media customers on Pay As You Go have different tariffs available to them which will give set minutes and texts activated via their top-up. The Addict tariff includes airtime to the value of the top-up, along with other allowances or good value rates, whilst the Addict Extra tariff gives a little more and is available exclusively to Virgin Media customers with TV, broadband and home phone.

There are also Talk and Text bundles, which give you set allowances activated through a text message. Send the appropriate text for the bundle of your choice, and your top-up will pay for the inclusive calls and messages.

BlackBerry customers get Pay As You Go passes, which offer the benefits of BlackBerry, such as BlackBerry Messenger, without any committed contract.

SIM Only price plans

The SIM Only price plans are similar to the Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tariffs. With a Pay As You Go SIM Only deal you can use the Addict tariff, whilst Pay Monthly gives you the option of different tariff tiers, letting you pick one that suits your phone, messaging and web browsing habits.

Spotify on Virgin Mobile

Selected smartphones on Virgin Media Pay Monthly tariffs come with a free three month trial of popular music service Spotify. You must be a Virgin Media customer, taking TV, broadband and home phone, and once the trial is up you can decide whether you want to continue.

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