Switching to Virgin Media

If you are looking to switch mobile network providers, either because you aren’t happy with your current choice or you have seen a good deal, then changing to Virgin Media is quick and simple. There are only a few steps, and you should be able to keep your old number as well.

Check your contract

The first thing you need to do is check your current contract; if you are tied into an agreement then you may, and probably will, be charged for your early exit. It isn’t worth the hassle, so wait until you are free from the commitment to another provider before you make the move.

You should be able to check using your contract documents sent when you started with your current provider, or you can just give them a call.

If you are on Pay As You Go, it is unlikely that there is any long-term commitment to stay, but you should still check.

Pay Monthly is different, because your commitment to that provider is rewarded with plenty of calls, texts and data, and often a new phone at a reduced cost. If you are on Pay Monthly then you will need to confirm your minimum term with that provider, and find out when you can leave without incurring a charge or fee.

Unlock your phone

You may need to get your current phone unlocked, unless you are starting with a brand new phone bought through Virgin Media. If you are keeping a phone then it is probably locked to your old network, so you need to phone that provider to tell them you are leaving. There could be an unlocking fee, so it’s up to you whether you are happy to pay this. If you go ahead with it, the provider should give you a code to type into the phone.

Remember that you can just get a new phone with a Pay Monthly Virgin Media deal, but always check that you are free to leave your current agreement with the other provider, otherwise you are stuck with two deals!

Get the PAC number

You should be able to keep the number from your old network, but you will need to get the PAC, or Port Authorisation Code, from the original provider. It is much more convenient to keep your old number, but may find yourself having to wrestle it from that network. You have every right to that code so simply insist and they should give it to you.

The other provider will try to keep you as a customer, which is what every provider would do for obvious reasons, and you may get offered some exclusive deals in order to stay. It’s up to you, but if you aren’t happy or you have seen something better with Virgin Media then it could be time for a change!

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